230 Fightback protesting KingSett Capital offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal

For Immediate Release

May 2, 2023

Protests are presently occurring at KingSett Capital Offices in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Members of 230 Fightback are presently protesting inside the KingSett Capital office at 40 King Street to let Jon Love and KingSett Capital’s know that low income people are opposed to their plans to build a luxury condo tower on the contested properties of 214-230 Sherbourne.

Simultaneous actions are also occurring at KingSett Capital offices in both Vancouver and Montreal in support of 230 Fightback’s demand that KingSett Capital cancel their plans to proceed with their destructive venture.

“KingSett’s proposed tower is not wanted in our community” says Gaetan Heroux, a long time poverty activist in the Downtown East. “Dundas and Sherbourne is at the epicentre of the housing crisis in the country and in desperate need of social housing. KingSett’s proposal would only further contribute to the housing crisis and further displace people from this low income community”

We are calling on city counsellor Chris Moise and the city council to begin negotiations with Jon Love to purchase 214-230 Sherbourne and if KingSett refuses to negotiate the city must then start the process of expropriation of the land to build social housing on the site.

230 Fightback

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