No Condo Tower at Dundas and Sherbourne Rally, March and Community Meal, Saturday, June 10, 1pm.




March and Rally

DATE: Saturday June 10

TIME: 1pm

LOCATION: 230 Sherbourne

(Dundas and Sherbourne)

Meal provided

230 Fightback is fighting an epic battle against KingSett Capital who want to build a luxurious condo tower on the contested properties of 214-230 Sherbourne. The three rooming houses that sat on the properties were boarded up in 2008.  After a decade long struggle to get the city to expropriate the properties, the city put in a bid to purchase 214-230 Sherbourne last year to build social housing on the land only to be outbid by KingSett Capital, who paid $53 Million for the empty lots and a boarded up rooming house. 

On Saturday June 10 we will be rallying at Dundas and Sherbourne and marching on KingSett’s office and then to the Fairmont Royal Hotel. KingSett owns 60 percent of the hotel. We won’t be pushed out.

We are calling Councillor Chris Moise and the city to negotiate the purchase of 214-230 Sherbourne with Jon Love, CEO of KingSett Capital, and if Jon Love refuses to negotiate then we are demanding that the  city immediately begin the expropriation process for the properties.

City bureaucrats and politicians have argued that it will cost too much money for the City to buy or expropriate this site for social housing.  They ignore that the cost of the City not acting will be severe in human suffering and loss of life.  The cost of destroying a poor community and pushing low income and homeless people away from support will be too high.  The cost of not intervening to build social housing at 214-230 Sherbourne is a price we are not willing to pay for with the lives of poor people.

The reckless push to create an oversupply of upscale housing along the Dundas Corridor is unfolding without regard for long-term implications or the devastating impact on a poor working-class community with roots there dating back to the 1800s. Across Ontario and the rest of Canada, the destructive role of developers in the extreme commodification of housing is producing comparably dreadful results. Housing is a necessity not a commodity.

The country is facing one of its worst housing crisis since the Second World War. Dundas and Sherbourne is at the epicenter of this crisis. We are calling on all three levels of governments to develop a public housing program to build public owned housing in municipalities across the country.

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