To Toronto Mayoral Candidates:

To Toronto Mayoral Candidates:

   230 Fightback is a newly formed organization that is challenging a particularly destructive example of the commodification of housing in Toronto and we are asking for your support in opposing it. We are confronting a situation where a luxury condo tower is set to be built at 230 Sherbourne, in a community that has very major housing needs for its low income population.

   The City did put in a bid for the site but KingSett Capital prevailed and is now intending to proceed with a project that will ensure the housing crisis in the area worsens, that harmful gentrification will intensify and that vital community services are driven out.

   We are calling for the property to be expropriated and for social housing to be built at this important location. As a Mayoral candidate, this situation should certainly be of interest to you. It is a vital one for the local community in its own right but it also speaks to the question of whether the provision of housing in this city is to be based on meeting the real needs of communities or to line the pockets of developers and speculators.

   We would appreciate it if you would let us know if you are prepared to go on record as supporting the building of social housing at 230 Sherbourne. Thank you for your attention to the matter and we look forward to hearing from you.

230 Fightback

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