The Downtown East Needs Social Housing!

Please help 230 Fightback rally the community on June 10 to fight gentrification and displacement.

KingSett Capital plans to build a 47 storey luxury condo tower right at Dundas and Sherbourne. This is part of a wave of upscale redevelopment that the developers and their enablers at City Hall are inflicting on the poor working class community along the Dundas Corridor.

If KingSett gets its way, their destructive project will drive out housing for low income tenants, force up rents and close down homeless shelters and vital community services. We are determined to prevent this and will be rallying the community on June 10 to march on KingSett and confront City Hall.

We are asking our allies in unions and community organizations to help us in the following ways:

  • Make a donation to help cover the costs of this action. E-transfers can be sent to
  • Offer concrete support on the day either as an individual or by bringing a group of people from your union or community group. We need help with food prep, cooking and serving at the massive street barbecue we will put on that day. We also need people who have previous experience at marshalling during marches.
  • Offer a ride in your car to one of those who want to be part of the march but who may have trouble covering the entire distance.
  • Help publicize the march through social media and email lists.
  • See if your union or community organization will endorse the event and mobilize a contingent to march with us.

We plan to win this fight, stop the condo and win social housing for the community. Thank you for any and all support.

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