Call to action: Feb. 13 @ 10am – March from City Hall to KingSett Capital!


Meet at the doors of Toronto City Hall, 

10:00 AM, Monday, February 13

KingSett Capital, a major property developer, has bought up the vacant property at 230 Sherbourne. A community with urgent and pressing housing needs now faces the prospect of a luxury condo town being driven through its heart.
230 Fightback isn’t prepared to accept this and we are demanding that the city expropriate the property and ensure that social housing is built on the site. We intend to confront City Hall and the developer to press this demand.

Please come out on February 13 and join our mass delegation to the Mayor’s Office. After we have made sure that John Tory is fully aware of the demands of the community, we will head to the nearby offices of KingSett to tell them that they and their luxury condo aren’t welcome in the Downtown East.


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