Letter to Jon Love

Mr. Love:

   This letter will convey to you the outrage that many in the Downtown East community feel over your plans to erect a condo tower at 214-230 Sherbourne. The unhoused people and low income tenants who live in this area are in desperate need of real housing solutions and more upscale housing and an intensification of the gentrification process would be a terrible blow to the community.

   We are demanding of City Hall that you be prevented from going ahead with this development. We will be working to press this demand with considerable vigour in the days ahead. Candidly, we don’t intend to waste any time making moral appeals to you on this matter. We have little reason to imagine that the needs of a poor community would be of greater concern for you than your business interests.

   Having said that, however, we do want you to understand that we intend to fight this development and to hold you accountable in the process. We shall be taking up a campaign and engaging in appropriate public actions to expose and defeat your plans to create yet more housing for affluent people on a site where the need for social housing that can meet the needs of the community is so acute.

   Whatever conclusions you may draw from this letter, the fundamental sentiment we wish to convey to you is that your company and its destructive condo development are not welcome in the Downtown East.

230 Fightback

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